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A tradition of customer-oriented service and innovative disposal programs that started way back in the 1940s and continues today?
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Our roots

The story behind Lane Apex is the story of our family—and our commitment to developing programs that make your life easier.

Our roots go way back to 1950, when Grandfather Samuel Miller outfitted his 1938 Ford truck with a special box and began collecting garbage in Portland. And although it wasn't called recycling back then, he also sorted his loads for items that could be refurbished or reused. After years of success in that city, his son, Arnie, re-located the family and business to a smaller community in 1979—Eugene.

Twenty-nine years later, Sam Miller has continued the tradition his grandfather began. We're constantly seeking the latest customer-friendly, earth-considerate techniques and technology. Our programs and service plans are not based on a corporate protocol and structure, but on what our customers need, on what you tell us works best.