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Simpler Recycling and better service from Lane Apex, your locally-owned disposal company run by the Miller family?
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Residential Recycling Service and Garbage Collection in Eugene : Laneapex

Breath a little easier. With our curbside collection services, both you and the environment will breathe a little easier! We'll stop by your home every week to pick up your trash and recycling. Simply select a roll cart size - 35, 65 or 95 gallon - and give us a call. Then start relaxing.

If you live in Eugene, we'll also stop by and empty your 65-gallon yard debris roll cart every other week. If you live outside the city limits, call us to set up a service schedule—or to find out rates. Our trash, recycling and yard debris service rates and availability vary depending on whether you're a city, county or rural resident, so call us for a quick quote! Or email here.

  • Easy trash pickup
  • Simpler recycling
  • Quick yard debris removal

Easy trash pickup

Once we've dropped off your carts, consult the pickup schedules. Then, place your collection containers at the curb before 6:00 am on your scheduled pickup day and make sure that they are:

  • approximately 10 feet behind vehicles
  • no more than 3 feet from the curb or street
  • approximately 5 feet from other objects (mail boxes, poles, other roll carts, etc.)
  • oriented with the handle and wheels facing away from the street

Please do not include:

  • hot ashes
  • hazardous wastes and liquids (motor oil, paint, solvents, etc.)
  • concrete, dirt, sod or rocks over 150 lbs
  • large tree limbs or trimmings that prevent the cart lid from closing (put the trimmings and properly sized limbs in your yard debris cart!)
  • furniture, appliances, or other large items

Simpler recycling

We'll collect your recycling on the same day as your garbage pickup and thanks to our innovative new co-mingling service, recycling is even easier for you and better for the environment! Learn how to prepare your glass, cans, paper, etc. You can even use a roll cart for your recycling if you choose.

Quick yard debris removal

If it grows in your goes in our cart! Every other week, we'll haul your yard debris—lawn clippings, leaves, pine needles, brush, tree limbs and trimmings—to a local facility and grind it into compost! The yard debris pickup day will be the same as your regular garbage collection.

All yard debris must not exceed four inches in diameter or three feet in length. The cart must weigh less than 120 lbs. and the lid must be closed when full.

Please do not include:

  • kitchen scraps or pet waste
  • ashes, loose dirt, sod, gravel, rocks, or bricks
  • liquids (motor oil, paint, solvents)
  • logs, trees or trimmings that prevent cart lid from closing
  • lumber, stumps, root wads, or poisonous vegetation
  • plastic bags, metal, rubber objects or garbage


Wondering what to do with the extra stuff you no longer need? Pass on your reusables! Check out our Reduce and Reuse Resources.